Care Guide

Care depends on the material ordered. We are now producing all our rings using electroplating techniques on brass as base metal. Brass is lighter than other metals and very resistant to oxidation. Our electroplating techniques will create a thick layer of genuine gold or rhodium and the rings are very resistant to oxidation and tarnish. If you prefer us to create your rings in other materials please let us know and will confirm price and the best way to take care of your beautiful rings.

Plated metal can tarnish or loose colour over a long time if exposed to prolonged humidity, sweat, liquid, hand lotion or other chemicals such as perfume, lotion, chlorine, etc. Avoid contact of gold-plated and Black and Red ceramic coated pieces with chemicals such as cleaning products, perfume, lotion, chlorine, etc. Regular cleaning with just a dry and soft cloth can minimize any discolouration that may occur after wearing. 

To restore the shine on your Bjou Design jewellery, simply clean with a soft fabric. Avoid using other cleaning methods containing chemicals, which may cause damage to your pieces and the coating.

Our plated rings and the black ceramic coating used in our black rings are very strong but coating can be damaged when the rings are scratched with sharp objects or surfaces, or when they get in contact with solvents like nail polish remover. Please, do take good care of these beautiful and unique pieces by protecting them with a soft cloth when not in use, and clean them gently without chemicals.

Store your pieces in a box and at a cool dry place when not in use to avoid scratching or breaking.