At Bjou Design, we believe that our pieces are more than simple accessories; they should allow you to showcase your unique personality. 

With exceptional, elaborate designs that portray the power of a unique jewel, Bjou Design helps women to make vibrant personality statements. 

Our pieces are a work of art, and we mean that literally. They are designed by fine artists and sculptors in collaboration with jewelry artisans, helping us to achieve our mission of creating wearable art.

Incorporating both the latest technology and traditional methods of jewelry making, we create a range of eye-catching, and vibrant pieces designed to be a source of pride and joy to the wearer. Our exquisite craftsmanship help us to create innovative and original pieces. 

As much as it’s a story about our designs, it’s also about a dedicated, passionate team, that is also engaged in social causes. Our brand dedicates 10% of our sales to build self-sustainable schools for children in underprivileged communities. 

Artist Jordi Fornies visiting one of the schools in India
Artist Jordi Fornies visiting one of the school projects in India.